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Updated: Sep 3, 2022

January 5, 2022 was a landmark day in the life of Evuazu, Obeleagu Umana village in Ezeagu LGA, Enugu State, Nigeria.

That day marked the launching of Adani Care Foundation, a charitable organization focused on widows, orphans, the sick and the elderly in rural communities in Nigeria. These communities suffer from abject poverty due to ill health, unemployment, lack of education, lack of marketable skills, and hunger.

The Founder of Adani Care Foundation, Mrs. Josephine Nneka Jemie, said that the organization’s goal is to “reduce abject poverty and raise the standard of living so that families should not have to choose between being able to feed and obtaining medical care when they are sick.”

The Foundation, she said, will provide medical care, wellness counselling, education, technical / vocational skills training to needy youths and adults, and soft loans to petty traders and artisans.”

Mrs Jemie added that “the community will benefit through an improved quality of life and a brighter future.”

The launching was attended by some 400 men and women from the community. Several community leaders addressed the gathering and expressed their joy at this development which they said had never happened before in their community.

The day began at 8:30 am with a Holy Mass conducted by Reverend Father Louismary of St Peter’s Catholic Church, Obeleagu Umana. Then followed a Medical Outreach and a Welfare Outreach.

A team of 3 physicians, 1 nurse and 1 pharmacist were in attendance. 245 patients were screened for malaria, typhoid fever, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, etc. They received medications (drugs), with follow-up referrals to hospitals and clinics as needed. 45 bags of rice of 50kg were distributed and shared among the most needy families.

Cooked food and drinks were served to all attendees. As the celebratory cake was cut, the Founder announced, “This is only the beginning!” The crowd cheered. Evuazu, Obeleagu Umana village, where this launching took place, is only the starting point of a long journey. As the Founder explained, Adani Care plans to grow and expand and reach out to many more rural communities in Nigeria.

Music and dancing took over until nightfall.


The Foundation has embarked on a campaign to raise $175,000 (N70,000,000) to enable it to achieve its goals for 2023. These goals include:

300 persons to receive medical treatment; 80 primary school, 50 secondary school, and 20 university students sponsored; 20 youths and adults to receive specialized skills training; soft loans to 50 petty traders; food distribution and cash gifts to 300 needy families.

Please donate. No amount is too small!

Go to the Foundation’s website Click on DONATE (in USD or NGN). For further information, contact Adani Care at: Email: Phone: +1-443-302-9236, or +234-803-548-3483. God bless you and your family!

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